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This year has brought many changes, namely we became proud owners of the state-of-the-art machines Tajima TFMX 1204, Tajima TFMX 1208 and Tajima TMAR-K 1206 C. The latter is the only such machine in this part of Europe. In addition, it enables the best and the most accurate quality of embroidery on a wide range of materials and textiles. The capacity of all these machines is at the moment 18 heads.

In addition, we also own the official software TAJIMA DG/ML MAESTRO, version 15.0. This version is the newest version of software for making embroidery designs. With it we managed to increase the design quality as well as to speed up design process.

Moreover, we bought one of the most complete design programs CorelDRAW x6.

In the last year we also invested in cutting table SUMMA MX2 that has tangential module and a camera which enables cutting letters from 2 mm. The optical camera enables quick and accurate cutting along the contour. The Summa cutting tables are known for the quality of the cutting as well as precision.

For transfers on various materials we decided to cooperate with company INO Žiri, which offers high quality printing machines, a result of several years of experience and large amount of knowledge.

stroj za vezenje profesionalni stroj za vezenje in sukanec sukanec vpet na stroju za vezenje

We own 2 two-post automatic presses for transferring labels on various materials by heat. Two posts enable maximum use of time and maximize printing performance.

We are a medium-sized company which believes in the importance of educating its employees and investing into development. More importantly, we are committed to satisfying the needs of our customers.

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About our firm
The company specializes in providing quality embroidery services on all different kinds of materials, namely embroidery on caps, woollen hats, fleece hats, workwear, slippers, shoes, winter jackets, softshell jackets, polo shirts, scarfs, aprons, shirts, ties, tablecloths, leather, etc.
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